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Book of Enoch, The Book of Forbidden Knowledge

"Where have you come from?" the LORD asked Satan. Satan answered the LORD, "I have been patrolling the earth, watching everything that's going on."

And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him - Revelations 12:9

The so called "Conspiracy Theories" being presented by their followers, are being brought to light to the people that are too ignorant to understand the basis behind the entire "Government Conspiracy". The government believes in it and presents it, and the people bring forth the light.

It all falls back to 6,000 B.C. when the "Fallen Angels", or "Sons of God" were written of to have come down from the heavens. After this major historical fact took place (or atleast we can say historically written of for fact), every other culture and civilization began to portray their own encounters of the fallen angels. The angels were known to man as "The Watchers", by Enoch,but the different cultures had their own names for them. However it is told the fallen angels (whom some might know as Anunnaki meaning "those from who the heavens came) that came to earth and taught man technologies, schooling, mathematics, weapons, farming, and so much more, and even of the human brain, including the Pineal Gland and it's use, and also built the impossible man made structures such as the Pyramids, which they placed to map coordinates and constellations perfectly.

This is where the eye at the top of the pyramid represents "The Watchers" whom built the Pyramids while they were on Earth. "The Fall of Lucifer and his fallen angel" , the famous passages of The Bible, and especially from the prophet, Enoch, of the forbidden "Book of Enoch", (the real 2nd book of the bible which was later stripped because it contained too much knowledge), whom wrote of The Watchers and of astronomical secrets when he was taken up into heaven by Lucifer, otherwise known as "Azazel" the leader of the fallen angels (or watchers). He was also the scapegoat or goat-god. The 3 basic symbols used by government in secret, are the Pyramid, Eye (Watchers), and Azazel (Baphomet).

For instance, we can take the 3 major parts of the One dollar bill and combine the two seals to make ONE significant seal


                   a.k.a the sabbatic goat, the leader of the watchers, Azazel, or Lucifer
The illuminati is behind the configuration of the government, and the ones presenting forth the ancient symbolism of "The Watchers". The Pineal glands use is what produces dreams, lucid dreaming, and was a way of connecting with the afterlife, astral projection, and out of body experiences, and "The Third Eye", of "Knowledge".

The idea behind all the government rule, depicts the forbidden knowledge given to us by Lucifer and his Fallen Angels when they were on earth. The illuminati represents the "Shining One", "Morningstar", or "Lucifer".

UFO's have been written of since the beginning of man, and it wasn't until they were really being talked about in the early 30's, that it was adopted as part of entertainment. It was never meant to be a joke... The UFO's spotted today are "The Watchers". This is where "Guardian Angels" adapted from so long ago. The crafts that watch over mankind- the fallen angels.

Even Area 51 has their own new secrets, or even  any of my other posts which prove America is completely based off of Azazel and The Watchers, and especially Egyptian symbology.

Area 51 Today:

Where did THE FALLEN ANGELS adapt from?

When Satan rebelled, God cast him as profane from the height of heaven. Because of his rebellion, Satan was destroyed from the midst of the STONES OF FIRE, the planets, where he had reigned over literal physical kingdoms. Evidence of the civilization on Mars can still be seen, while another civilization of B'nai ha Elohim was destroyed thoroughly, becoming the asteroid belt. It is not surprising that a two-faced Sphinx has been found amongst theruins of Mars. Lucifer is the most powerful Cherubim, and the Biblical description of a cherub can be illustrated by a Sphinx. David Flynn's research into Bible references of Satan & Cherubim on Literal Planets - THE STONES OF FIRE.

Jude 1:6 ESV / 22 helpful votes

And the angels who did not stay within their own position of authority, but left their proper dwelling, he has kept in eternal chains under gloomy darkness until the judgment of the great day—

Dead Sea Scrolls and 1 Enoch

In the Dead Sea Scrolls the name Azazel occurs in the line 6 of 4Q203, the Book of the Giants. This is a part of the Enochic literature about fallen angels found at Qumran.[20]
According to the Book of Enoch, which brings Azazel into connection with the Biblical story of the fall of the angels, located on Mount Hermon, a gathering-place of demons from of old (Enoch xiii.; compare Brandt, "Mandäische Theologie," 1889, p. 38). Azazel is represented in the Book of Enoch as one of the leaders of the rebellious Watchers in the time preceding the flood; he taught men the art of warfare, of making swords, knives, shields, and coats of mail, and women the art of deception by ornamenting the body, dying the hair, and painting the face and the eyebrows, and also revealed to the people the secrets of witchcraft and corrupted their manners, leading them into wickedness and impurity; until at last he was, at the Lord's command, bound hand and foot by the archangel Raphael and chained to the rough and jagged rocks of [Ha] Duduael (= Beth Ḥadudo), where he is to abide in utter darkness until the great Day of Judgment, when he will be cast into the fire to be consumed forever (Enoch viii. 1, ix. 6, x. 4–6, liv. 5, lxxxviii. 1; see Geiger, "Jüd. Zeit." 1864, pp. 196–204).
The whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azazel: to him ascribe all sin.
— 1 Enoch 10:8

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Some people may still not believe the United States government was involved in the terrors of 9/11, but it's what our government has done to Ground Zero, that has stripped the conspiracy away, revealing to us the truth.

The One World Trade Center is the world's largest Obelisk built upon a prophecized and very satanic ground. The locations of the two towers have now been turned into memorials, but the layout of the entire zone connects with the ancient pyramids around the globe, which point to star constellations of Egyptian Gods.

In Ancient Egypt, the pyramids were used as burial chambers and memorials for the dead 

Ground zero in particular aligns with Orion's Belt, just like the Pyramids of Giza, or any other ancient pyramids that are aligned in 3. Orion's Belt leads across the constellation of the Egyptian God of Afterlife, Sirius.

Lights are beamed up to the sky at the Twin Tower memorials, just as seen by the ancient pyramids, and connects to the star constellation of Orion. However, all pyramids on Earth are set in place to make up one magnificent constellation known as DRACO, the serpent or dragon of the heavens.

Not only is the One World Trade center an Obelisk, represented by the phallus (penis) of Osiris for DOMINATION, but matches with the Pyramid prophecised on the back of the ONE dollar bill. From standing below the trade center appears as a giant pyramid, with the eye at the top. This correlates to "The Watchers"

Pyramids are signified as passageways to the next life. The dead were placed in them so that they may ascend. This is why the eye represented at the top of the pyramid is so important. It is the all seeing eye, the eye of horus, which represent the Pineal Gland. This is how "ascension" was relevant.

Ancient Egyptian religion was a complex system of polytheistic beliefs and rituals which were an integral part of ancient Egyptian society. It centered on the Egyptians' interaction with a multitude of deities who were believed to be present in, and in control of, the forces and elements of nature. The myths about these gods were meant to explain the origins and behavior of the forces they represented. The practices of Egyptian religion were efforts to provide for the gods and gain their favor.

Notice how you set the folded twin tower bills together? 
They form 3 pyramids with the beam coming from the center top, just like Ground Zero now forms JUST like the setup of the Pyramids of Giza

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The Best Unanswered Questions of 9/11

The Unanswered Questions of 9/11 
‘In his latest weekly address to the nation, President Obama asserts that America’s questions about 9/11 have been answered. If only it were so.
The questions of 9/11 have only continued to pile up higher since that fateful day, and despite official platitudes we are no closer to having those questions answered today then we were when they first arose. In fact, for some of the most important 9/11 questions, the government’s own documents and records that could conceivably answered them have been destroyed, meaning we may never have answers.
The unanswered questions of 9/11 are too numerous to enumerate, but they include:
-Why has NIST classified the data that they used to make their computer animation of the WTC7 collapse? Would knowledge of how NIST believes the building collapsed really “jeopardize public safety“?
-Why did the DIA destroy more than 2.5 terabytes of data on their Able Danger investigation that reportedly identified four of the alleged hijackers years in advance of the attack? Why did the Pentagon buy up and burn the entire first print run of Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer’s book on the program?
-Why did the SEC destroy their records on the 9/11 insider trading question, presumably the most important investigation in the agency’s history?
-Why did the alleged “mastermind” of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, confess not only to plotting 9/11 “from A to Z” but also confess to masterminding numerous crimes that he could not have committed?
-Why did Osama bin Laden repeatedly deny any involvement in the attacks until a series of mistranslated and otherwise manipulated videos came along appearing to portray him as taking credit for those attacks?
-Why was the report of US State Department official Frank Taylor supposedly proving the case for Al Qaeda’s role in 9/11, which NATO used to justify its invasion of Afghanistan, presented in a classified briefing? Why is that report still classified to this day?
-Why did the 9/11 commission rely so heavily on the confessions extracted through torture which even the Senate’s Armed Services committee points out is specifically used to extract false confessions?
-Why did the CIA destroy 92 videotapes of their illegal torture sessions after being specifically ordered by a court not to do so? Why did the courts eventually absolve the CIA of any culpability for this crime?
-Why did Donald Rumsfeld announce a new “war” on September 10, 2001? What was the reason for the 2.3 trillion missing dollars which the Pentagon had lost up until that point, what did Rumsfeld’s “war on bureaucracy” hope to achieve, how was that “war” hindered when the budget analyst office in the Pentagon was destroyed the following morning, and where are the public records into this accounting scandal?
-Why did Rumsfeld go into a regularly scheduled meeting with a CIA officer in his office on the morning of 9/11, after both of the Twin Towers had been struck by airplanes and it had been determined that “America was under attack.” Why did the highest ranking official in the US military remain in that meeting and unavailable for contact even by his highest staff members as the worst attack on US soil in history continued to unfold? Why did he suddenly come out for a photo op on the Pentalawn after the explosion instead of helping to coordinate the defense of the nation?
-Why is there such a massive discrepancy between the 9/11 commission’s official finding of the time of entry of Dick Cheney into the Presidential Emergency Operation Center on the morning of 9/11 and Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta’s testimony of the timing of that arrival?
-Why did the US government contract with Ptech, an enterprise architecture software firm, to install its backdoor access software on some of the most sensitive databases in the US government? Why did they continue to use Ptech even after it was discovered that its sweetheart investor was a specially designated global terrorist on the Treasury’s own terror list? Why did they declare that there was nothing untoward in the software mere hours after raiding Ptech’s offices in 2002? And what was Ptech doing in the basement of the Pentagon on 9/11? What interoperability tests was it running on the link between FAA and NORAD systems on 9/11, and how did that interfere with the FAA and NORAD’s response?
-And, perhaps most tellingly of all, how did four highjacked aircraft fly so wildly off course for such lengthy periods of time without being confronted by a single fighter interceptor, and why did the Pentagon admittedly and on the record lie to the American public about the timing of its response that day?
These and many, many questions like them have been asked by the victims’ family members, the first responders, members of the US military, American congressmen and women, intelligence agents, foreign dignitaries and heads of state, and concerned members of the public across America and around the globe. And still, 11 years after the events themselves, the American president has the gall to suggest that all questions have been answered and it is time for Americans to move on.’

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One World Trade Center and Baphomet Part V


The One World Trade Center is carefully designed as the worlds largest obelisk. As we know, obelisks represent "Domination", represented as the male phallus.

One World Trade Center is 1776 feet tall.
May 1, 1776 was the founding of the Illuminati.

Illuminati Symbol
The trade center is set atop a base, and is made up of pyramid sides and an octagon shape at the top.

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The entire system is based upon Egyptian and Satanic forward occult. From the obelisks to the pyramids, to the constant. It all deals with GODS. One "god" in particular comes to "light". The occultic, satanic FreeMASONS worship the one god known as "Baphomet".

The Baphomet is represented by the "Light" or torch at the top of it's head, producing illumination. The satanic pentagram on the forehead is revealing "KNOWLEDGE", just as the All Seeing Eye. The entire practice is based upon "KUNDALINI", the unlocking of the 7 chakras to fulyl reveal your Third eye (of knowledge)

The Baphomet is both male and female, the joining of good and evil to form ONE.

The Baphomet is both male and female, the joining of good and evil to form ONE. 


Vesica Pisces

In the occult world, the Vesica Pisces is a veiled symbol of the Seal of Solomon.  As with the Rosy Cross, square & compass, Yin-Yang symbol and the hexagram itself, the vesica pisces represents the mingling of opposites.  Male and female.  Light and dark.  In esoteric thought representing dualism, good and evil mixed together.

So as you can see, the Baphomet, with it's "obelisk" or phallus (penis;erection), both male and female.

The obelisk is represented as the phallus of the Egyptian God, OSIRIS

Osiris was an Egyptian god, usually identified as the god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead. He was classically depicted as a green-skinned man.

Osiris was at times considered the oldest son of the Earth god Geb,[1] and the sky goddess Nut, as well as being brother and husband of Isis, with Horus being considered his posthumously begotten son. 

ISIS, is also represented to us as the Statue of Liberty: THE WHORE OF BABYLON

The Goddess ISIS


Please click for the post on Kundalini

Last but not least, for now, lets take a look at a nice piece that connects a lot of this together:



(Earth, Fire, Water)

Whore of Babylon

Modern Babylon is NYC. The Biblical 'whore' at the entrance to NYC is the welcoming Statue of Liberty which has nothing whatsoever to do with liberty. She is the Goddess Isis and her creators were French Freemasons named Bartholdi and Eiffel.
The Egyptian Goddess Isis carries a torch and she is the wife-sister of Osiris. She is both a 'virgin' and a 'whore' as well as the goddess of wisdom and magic. Isis was represented in the sky by the great star Sirius -- a star of utmost importance to the ancient Egyptians. Its 'rebirth' (i.e. 'heliacal rising') in mid-summer marked the New Year and signaled the beginning of the life-giving annual flooding of the Nile. This coincides with our summer solstice.

"Come here. I will show you the judgment of the great whore (Statue of Liberty - Isis) that sits on many waters (oceans)... And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH... The ten horns (kings) of the beast (Lucifer) will hate the whore and make her desolate and naked, and will eat her flesh, and burn her with fire (nuclear war)... and the woman is that great city (new York) that reigns over the kings of the earth (the United Nations). (Revelation 17:1-18)

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The Real Terrorists

It's not just the rapes and murdering. It's the entire foundation in which the military is set upon. 9/11 gave the American government a reason for new laws to control the American people more efficiently. The government continues to build upon a security system, and continues to lie about the amount of terrorist attacks on the United States, and there really are so few.

However the government is spending trillions on upping the watch of terrorism, but more so the American people. New laws grant military to detain anyone for as long as they wish, without saying a single word. They have the authority to take anyone without a warrant for a crime, and lock them up, kill them, or do what they want.

The detention mandate to use indefinite military detention in terrorism cases, isn't limited to foreigners. It's confusing, because two different sections of the bill seem to contradict each other. United States citizens are included in the grant of detention authority.

This, the same government, the same people, the same fucking useless president that told us Saddam Hussein had something to do with 911, same people who told us Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction, same people that told us oil would be used for reconstruction money, same people that us us we would be greeted as liberators and not occupiers, same people that told us the taliban is gone, same people that told us Poland is our ally just two days before they pull out, same president that tells us Iraq is going just great, same president that tells us the economy is going just great, same people that told us tax cut was going to create millions of jobs, same people that told us the medicare program only cost $400 billion, same people that trained Osama Bin Laden, same people that gave our enemies weapons and training, same people that want to give us FREEDOM, when they spend multi trillion dollars on the war, when half that money could be used to grant REAL FREEDOM to every person in the world with food, water, clothing, basic education, shelter, and more.

Government is based upon money, based upon selfishness, insecurity, and greed. Going to war is granting us what ww wanted. To be human, and take what we want. To become animals and consume what we want. We want resources, we want oil, and due to a single event of 9/11, we kill people, 90% of whom are women and children, and defenseless men.

Decide for yourself if you wish to continue to support a completely bent government.